Psychology Services

The Kingston Institute of Neurofeedbackoffers ateam (link to Our Team) of registered and supervised Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists specializing in individual and couple therapy and psychological assessment. Our clinicians may also make referrals to other practitioners in the clinic and externally as part of your treatment.

Individual Psychotherapy

We provide psychotherapy for issues that range from general to severe. You don’t need to have a mental health diagnosis in order to seek out psychotherapy.

Some examples of issues we work with include:


Couple Therapy

Couple therapy or marriage counselling are two different names that refer to the same service. Couples who are in a serious relationship whether they are dating, common-law, engaged or legally married can seek psychotherapy/counselling for a range of problems related to their relationship. For example:

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment can help identify a mental health diagnosis, understand what is contributing to your psychological symptoms and can help with developing an effective treatment plan.

A psychological assessment can take several sessions and involves an understanding of your history that includes childhood, adolescent and early to late adulthood experiences, family attachment patterns, traumatic events, your personality, your recent life experiences, school or work stressors, your physical and mental health.

A psychological assessment forms part of your initial sessions for psychotherapy. However, psychological assessment can be a standalone service.


Our clinicians have advanced training in evidence-based psychotherapy models, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

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