Getting Started

NeurOptimal® is a great tool to have as part of the wellness program, as it is designed to promote a flexible and resilient mindset. From athletes to executives, from students to performers or artists. No matter your lifestyle or your age, an optimal mindset helps you to be your best.

Welcome to Neurofeedback Services Of New York. Whether you are just starting out with us or thinking about beginning neurofeedback training, here are some helpful explanations about what to expect in a session:



Initial Neurofeedback Consultation

All new clients start with a private consultation with Mark Llewellyn Smith LCSW, BCN, QEEGD. The initial consultation appointment lasts for approximately 50 minutes and includes a preliminary discussion about your needs and what we can offer you here at Neurofeedback Services Of New York.

Mark uses this time to learn as much as he can about what it means to be you. He walks you through a comprehensive clinical assessment, provides you with a detailed description of the Neurotherapy process, and discusses the full extent of your expectations and how we can help you meet them.